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Mare Services

Reproduction is a key area of our expertise at Equine Medical Services. In addition to our advanced work with embryo transfer and ICSI, EMS provides extensive in-clinic and on-farm breeding program management. We have cultivated comprehensive reproductive expertise and state-of-the-art equipment to facilitate our premier range of mare services.

Transported Semen Breeding

Breeding with transported cooled semen provides the breeder with a great diversity of quality genetics. While a scientific approach is needed, there is also an art to properly breeding a mare with transported semen. Arranging for the arrival of semen at the point of maximum fertility of the mare, identifying and treating mares subject to post-breeding inflammation and providing appropriate pre and post-breeding treatment all influence results and are dependent on experienced and accurate assessment as provided at Equine Medical Services hundreds of times each season.

Frozen Semen Breeding

Breeding with frozen semen can be particularly rewarding for the breeder who wants to utilize rare or otherwise unobtainable semen. This process can be challenging, as frozen-thawed semen does not live long in a mare’s reproductive tract, so timing is of utmost importance. Sperm numbers are often not optimal, which is when deep horn insemination is helpful. Frozen semen can also be inflammatory to the mare, so prevention and treatment of post-breeding endometritis is critical. The veterinarians and staff at EMS have developed expertise and protocols over the years to maximize results utilizing frozen semen.

Problem Mare Evaluation and Treatment

In mares with problematic breeding history, EMS offers additional treatment and management that can increase the chance of breeding success. Some mares have pathology that necessitates further treatment or procedures while others may need to progress to embryo transfer or ISCI. However, a large number of mares with troubled breeding history can have success with careful and thoughtful evaluation and management. Equine Medical Services offers problem breeding mares the expertise, technology, experience and care that each mare requires.