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Stallion Services

Reproductive evaluation and treatment of a stallion is equally as important as that of a mare. Successful pregnancy is not only achieved with a healthy and sound mare, but also with a stallion that is fit for breeding. Equine Medical Services provides a range of stallion services to assist you in achieving the desired outcome from your breeding program. EMS has been cryopreserving semen since 1990 and has established pregnancies from semen that has been stored more than 20 years.

Semen Collection and Evaluation

EMS collects semen for fertility evaluation and use in artificial insemination.

Phantom Training

We train young stallions to safely collect using a phantom.

Semen Cooling Trials

Evaluation of the proper method of semen processing is important for each stallion, in order to provide a commercially viable and fertile product.

Cooled Semen Shipping

We process and ship semen quickly and effectively for commercial use.

Semen Freezing, Storage and Shipping

EMS can safely store your stallion’s valuable genetic material for future use.